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Harrison Barnes At No. 2: The New Most Charlotte Bobcats Thing Ever

The most Charlotte Bobcats thing that the Charlotte Bobcats have ever done was clearly taking University of North Carolina point guard Raymond Felton with the No. 5 pick in the 2005 NBA Draft and following that up by taking University of North Carolina power forward Sean May with the No. 13 pick. This happened because Michael Jordan, a noted University of North Carolina alum, ran the basketball operations and because Charlotte is a city that is in North Carolina.

I must warn you that Charlotte is still a city that is in North Carolina, and Michael Jordan still runs the Bobcats -- he owns them now! -- and that we are due for a new most Charlotte Bobcats moment.

This is that moment.

Even if this does not come to pass, it will have been worth it for the jolt of unbridled glee that coursed through my body when imagining the incredible snark that would result from such a result.