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Kevin Durant's Cajones Eclipse Serge Ibaka's Historical Night

Kevin Durant scored 16 straight points for the Thunder to ice the Spurs and assure the series would be tied 2-2 headed back to San Antonio for Game 5, but, historically speaking, his night wasn't even the most impressive on his team. That designation would belong to Serge Ibaka, who went 11-11 from the field — and 4-4 from the free-throw line — the first time since at least 1986 1978 that any player has made at least 10 field goals without a miss in the playoffs, according to Basketball Reference's Game Finder.

After the game, while interviewing Durant, Craig Sager informed the 23-year-old superstar that Ibaka was flawless shooting, to which he responded, "He didn't miss a shot? Wow." Wow, indeed, Mr. Durant.

The man known as KD was pretty wow himself, with 36 points, eight assists and six rebounds, including 18 in the fourth quarter, the most in his playoff career.