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VIDEO: LeBron James Highlights Tell The Story Of The NBA Finals

LeBron James had a triple-double on Thursday as the Miami Heat won the franchise's second NBA championship with a clinching 121-106 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. SB Nation's Matt Ufford broke down exactly how LeBron and the Heat did it against a great Thunder team.

As you can see, LeBron continued to work out of the pinch post for much of the game, opening up the floor for Mike Miller's seven three-pointers (!), Dwyane Wade's frequent cuts to the rim and causing all sorts of mayhem for an opponent that never figured out a way to guard The Chosen One.

On the other end, James Harden continued his horrific Finals performance, and Russell Westbrook struggled by shooting 4-20. Kevin Durant was as brilliant as he always is, but it wasn't close to enough to get the OKC the win on Thursday.

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