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Heat Win NBA Championship, Will Be Remembered As 'Epic' By Miami Fans

The Miami Heat have had to endure quite a bit of scrutiny ever since ushering in the Big Three Era, but the payoff came on Thursday night, when they were able to overcome the Oklahoma City Thunder to clinch their first NBA championship.

The majority of the country is still going to find some unfounded reason to hate LeBron James, but things are different in South Beach. In fact, according to SB Nation's Peninsula Is Mightier, Thursday night is going to be remembered as nothing short of amazing.

Historic. Epic. However you want to describe it, the Miami Heat won their second championship in their 24-year history by winning four straight times against the Oklahoma City Thunder after dropping the first game of the series on the road.
It was just the third time in Finals history (and the second time for this franchise) a team swept their home games since the 2-3-2 format was adopted in 1985 and they did it playing their most impressive game of the season. Never mind that the Thunder had not lost four games in a row the entire season and were the favorites to win it all entering this series. The better team won and no one can ever dispute that.

All the doubts about this team, all the criticism over the past two years directed at the Miami Heat and at the MVP and now NBA Finals MVP LeBron James are finally history. They absorbed and learned from the way their first season together ended and took those lessons to heart.

Whether or not the rest of the world shares those feelings is irrelevant for the time being, really, so live it up Los Heat fans!

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