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Russell Westbrook, Thunder Decide To 'Embrace' The Feeling Of Losing

The Oklahoma City Thunder were blown out in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night as the Miami Heat ended the seven-game series a couple of games early. Though the 15-point margin of victory makes the game seem closer than it was, Russell Westbrook and the rest of the young Thunder players don't plan to remove the loss from their memory any time soon.

In fact, Westbrook said he wants to do the exact opposite, according to a column from Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix.

"We told each other to embrace this feeling and remember this feeling," Westbrook said. "We kind of looked around and just [said] we've got to get better. We have got to be the guys that come back and push everybody next season. We have got to get better, before we can find a way to get back here."

There are surely more fun ways for NBA players to spend the summer than "embracing" a blowout loss, but that might just be the motivation needed for the Thunder to come back better than ever.

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