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Phil Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy Mentioned As Possible Scott Brooks Successors For OKC Thunder

The NBA season has been over for 12 hours, so, obviously, it's time to take a look at what's next when it comes to Scott Brooks' career. Brooks, head coach of the NBA Finals runners-up Oklahoma City Thunder, has just over one week left on his contract ... and, after that, everything gets pretty murky.

Brooks and the Oklahoma City Thunder are having trouble coming to terms on a new contract that would reportedly pay him substantially less than one would expect for someone who just led his team to the NBA Finals. Further complicating matters, the newest rumor reported by ESPN's Marc Stein says that the Thunder would look to veteran coaches who would likely demand a much larger salary if Brooks doesn't return to Oklahoma City.

The reality is that Brooks and his bosses, after months of talks, don't have a deal ... and time is running out. And sources say that the Thunder, just to be safe, have started brainstorming in-house about whom they plan to pursue should negotiations with Brooks collapse. Two names, according to sources, that have come up in those discussions: ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy and, yes, 11-ringed coaching free agent Phil Jackson.

If the Thunder were to add either JVG or Jackson to the sideline for next season, there'd be an even better chance of Kevin Durant and Co. reaching the Finals once again. That said, there's a pretty good chance that the same occurs under Brooks -- and likely at a bargain.

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