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Lamar Odom Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Interested In Mavericks Forward, According To Report

Lamar Odom's time with the Dallas Mavericks might just turn into a one-season interlude if the Los Angeles Clippers trade for the forward. ESPN's Marc Stein reports that the Clippers and the Mavericks have talked about an Odom deal, but there is one major hitch to any potential trade: Mo Williams.

Williams has an $8.5 million player option with the Clippers that he appears intent on exercising. If a third team can be found for a deal, Odom might head back to the team he played for the first four seasons of his career. Stein mentions that the Los Angeles Lakers might be interested in Williams, but offers nothing more on whether they'd actually be willing to take part in a three-team trade.

Odom was traded by the Lakers to the Mavericks before the start of the 2012 season. He can be bought out of his contract for $2.4 million, which any team would likely do instead of paying the $8.2 million team option remaining on his contract.

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