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Dirk Nowitzki Openly Pines For Deron Williams

Deron Williams has apparently narrowed his choices for potential free agency destinations down to his current team, the Brooklyn Nets, and the team that plays in his hometown, the Dallas Mavericks. In case there was any question whether or not the Mavericks are interested in Williams, their best player decided to make his opinions on the scenario public in a radio interview with Dallas' KCTK:

We’d love to have him run the show here... I hope we have a good shot. He’s from here. His mom lives here. He likes it here.

Currently running the show in Dallas is Jason Kidd, who is also on the market as a free agent. While Kidd has been more than serviceable for the Mavs as his career wanes, Williams is a franchise-type player who would quickly put the Mavericks back in the conversation of title contenders. Dallas pretty much scrapped its 2010 championship team in hopes of landing Williams in the 2011 free agent market, and now, the decision is in his hands.

New Jersey, of course, made its overture to Williams in the form of a gigantic birthday wish, and not to be out-done in the category of semi-depressing attempts at making Deron Williams play for his team, Dirk Nowitzki had this to offer:

He loves golf, and we have great golf courses.

What'll it be, Deron? Golf, or birthday presents? Tough choice to make.

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