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'Wingspan': The Story Of Jay Bilas' NBA Draft

Jay Bilas knows exactly what goes on during the NBA Draft. He knows viewers have drinking games and took full advantage of it once again. Mr. Bilas is Internet savvy, of course, and decided to have a little fun with the word "wingspan" throughout the draft.

So we went ahead and made a supercut of Bilas trolling the viewing audience.

As soon as Bilas fired off a "wingspan, wingspan, wingspan" to open the draft, the game was on. You see, "wingspan" is one of the trigger words in this little game, and Bilas made it his word of the night. He was going to get it in wherever possible, picking up right where he left off last year.

And midway through the draft, Bilas decided it was time to taunt the masses -- at least those who hadn't yet died of alcohol poisoning.

Well done, Bilas. Always trill and always trollin' hard.