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A Stupendous Superlative Supercut From The NBA Draft

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We know Jay Bilas was purposely messing with people when he repeatedly used "wingspan" during the NBA Draft on Thursday night. But he was a lone ranger, approaching things in the lighthearted way he always does. Even still, there were plenty of superlatives to go around, making it pretty easy to cut them all up into one easy-to-digest video.

The premise is simple: Around draft time, the same words and phrases are used to describe prospects. The words are like stock photos and quotes. For instance, "high-motor," "upside" and "length" are among the buzzwords commonly used.

In reality, these words mean little. They're all just filler used to eat up time between picks as highlight reels are showing.

Still not quite getting it? Here's some help for the auditory learners.

In all seriousness, ESPN did a solid job during the draft. Bilas was excellent, Rece Davis was hilarious and a great host, and Fran Fraschilla flexed his muscles when it came to foreign players in the second round.

But still, these buzzwords have got to go.