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NBA Draft 2012: Clyde Frazier Breaks Down The Fashion Game

The 2012 NBA Draft took place on Thursday night. SB Nation has a complete rundown of everything that happened as far as the picks and transaction were concerned in this StoryStream, but the lasting memories from Thursday night will be based on what the new rookies wore.

Luckily, SB Nation went to one of the best when it comes to those with thoughts on NBA wardrobes, as Amy K. Nelson and Bomani Jones sat down in studio with New York Knicks legend Walt Clyde Frazier. Frazier considers himself one of the first stylish players in the NBA and therefore gave some pretty interesting thoughts when it came to what the new class showed up in on Thursday night.

Their analysis of what Meyers Leonard wore might have been the most entertaining, but the whole thing is great, considering it's always entertaining when an NBA legend dishes on the current state of the (fashion) game.