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NBA Draft 2012: A Behind The Scenes Look At What Happened Thursday Night

Newark, NJ was the site for the 2012 NBA Draft, and even though the state no longer has a professional basketball team, it still housed quite a few professional basketball fans on Thursday night. SB Nation's own Dan Rubenstein was able to interview those fans for some behind the scenes insight.

SB Nation Studios always does excellent work (see Amy K. Nelson, Bomani Jones and Clyde Frazier's draft fashion critique), but the video embedded has to be near the top of the list.

The Skip Bayless shirt is probably the most impressive piece of clothing anyone wore to the NBA Draft -- and not in a good way, really -- but Rubenstein also found a reversible Shawn Kemp jersey, a homemade Meyers Leonard poster and had a really insightful interview with new Sacramento Kings player Thomas Robinson (before he had to leave, anyway).

The NBA Draft really seems like it might be a fun event to attend ... at least as far as New Jersey standards are concerned.