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Gregg Popovich Concerned With Spurs' Turnover Issues

Gregg Popovich's Spurs were winners of 20 straight games from the end of the regular season through Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, and are now the losers of two straight, having been whomped twice in Oklahoma City by the Thunder.

Popovich faults the Spurs' issues with turnovers for their issues with having more points than the Thunder. Asked about San Antonio's play in the high post, he redirected a question to turnovers.

I'm more concerned with the number of turnovers we've had. We had 21 last game. That really fuels those guys. As quick and fast and talented as they are, it's like a layup drill every time we turn it over. So we're better off spending our time worrying about that kind of stuff than not playing in a crowd, valuing the basketball more than trying to concoct some play or offense.

The Spurs committed 16 turnovers in Game 1 of the series, 13 in Game 2, and 21 in Game 3 before self-correcting a bit with 10 in Game 4.

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