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VIDEO: Rajon Rondo Doesn't Feel Like Being Subtle

How do you know the animosity between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat runs deep? Just consider Rajon Rondo's answer to ESPN's Doris Burke on why the Celtics have a 14-point lead over the Heat at halftime.

Rondo was asked why the Celtics have put up 61 points on the Heat in the first half. "They're complaining and crying to the referees in transition," was his answer. Rondo clearly isn't a fan of being subtle.

Then again, perhaps he was still mad at Shane Battier taking a charge on him in transition earlier in the quarter. As Battier was trying to pick himself up, he moved Rondo's leg off his body. Rondo was incensed for some reason and tried to kick Battier, missing badly.


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