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NBA Free Agency: Deron Williams And Jason Kidd To Mavs Or Nets, According To Report

Deron Williams is by far the best unrestricted free agent on the market this offseason, and when free agency starts Sunday it appears he'll have a buddy tagging along: Jason Kidd. According to a report by ESPN's Ric Bucher, the two have spent the weekend golfing together in the Hamptons on Long Island, and plan to be somewhat of a package deal. From Bucher's report:

Mavericks free-agent point guard Jason Kidd will also join whichever team Williams chooses, sources said.


Another source with business ties to both Kidd and Williams says that the two already have decided to play together for the Nets next season. However, multiple sources say Williams is still torn about his decision.

Kidd, of course, was traded from the Suns to the Nets for Stephon Marbury more than 10 years ago and pretty much single-handedly revived the franchise, carrying them to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances against the Lakers in 2002 and the Spurs in 2003 (they lost each time).

Williams will fetch a max contract, and New York Daily News columnist Mitch Lawrence wrote that a source close to Williams believes he'll go to Brooklyn, who can offer him $26 million more than any team, thanks to a provision in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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