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LeBron James Fouled Out, Pleasing Paul Pierce And Celtics

The Boston Celtics were able to pick up a much-needed win on Sunday night against the Miami Heat. It probably would not have been possible had LeBron James not fouled out, however -- something Paul Pierce and the Celtics were apparently keenly aware of following the game.

Pierce, who also fouled out, went on record with the Boston Herald to say it was about time that James fouled out of an important game ... and also that James rarely has to play against good players like himself, of course.

"It was very frustrating. But it's very gratifying when you see the other star player foul out also," Pierce said after last night's 93-91 overtime win over Miami at the Garden, which tied the Eastern Conference finals at 2. "It evened up the playing field.

"He never has a lot of fouls, but we were aggressive against him tonight. We stepped up twice to take charges, and drove. That's what you have to do. Not a lot of players try to attack him. It's not often that he plays against top small forwards in the league also.

"He gets a lot of nights off."

The Celtics entered the series as the underdog, but they probably aren't gaining any neutral fans with comments like this. Since the majority of the country seems to be anti-LeBron, though, these comments probably aren't going to pose any problems in that regard.

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