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Ernie Johnson Finally Shows He Can Get Mad

TNT host Ernie Johnson has spent more than a decade working with the outspoken Charles Barkley. This year, he had to also figure out a way to work in Shaquille O'Neal despite Shaq's major lack of experience working for television. He's had to somehow manage all these personalities, all of whom often figure out a way to scream over each other ... and he always manages to seem cool, calm and collected.

Obviously, then, it was some producer or intern who put Johnson over the edge.

The TNT cameras caught Johnson stewing after trying to get some cue cards from one of his co-workers. He rejected three of them before finally rolling his eyes as the guy walked away. I'd love to know what was on those cards.


UPDATE: As several have pointed out, this very well could have been staged. Well done, if so. Fooled us.