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VIDEO: The Best Of Gregg Popovich Interviews, Starring TNT's Craig Sager

Gregg Popovich is certainly one of the most cerebral coaches in the NBA, but it's likely the only award anyone would give him unanimously is Reporter's Biggest Fear. The Air Force alumnus will give good answers to great questions, but he's probably more (in)famous for letting question-askers know just how bad they are at their jobs.

There is plenty of postgame press conferences, quote sheets and random shootaround fodder worthy of watching when it comes to the best of Coach Pop, but luckily for us TNT did a "Best Of" during Monday night's coverage of the Western Conference Finals.

That video has quite a bit of Coach Pop making fun of Craig Sager's suits, which is always fun, but the best part is probably when he challenges the reporters to ask better questions ... that, or when Bearded Pop asks if he's being punked ... and of course, the "nasty" reference has already become an instant classic.

Anyway, it's pretty easy to see that Popovich is a quote machine -- and that's not always a good thing for the members of the mainstream media.


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