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Fan Throws Drink On LeBron James After Incredible Game 6 Performance

Sometimes, when you lose and you are a member of the Miami Heat, you get serenaded with, "GOOD JOB! GOOD EFFORT!" And sometimes, when you win and you are a member of the Miami Heat, you get a drink poured on you as you walk down the tunnel to the locker room, as LeBron James did after his phenomenal performance in Game 6 against the Celtics.

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James' 45-point, 15-rebound, five-assist night was the first 45-15-5 playoff game since Wilt Chamberlain pulled one off -- in 1964. For doing something that hasn't been seen in nearly half a century, LeBron got showered with a beverage as his "shift" at "work" was ending.

And how did he react to it? With a simple, dignified head bob.

Good job, good effort.

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