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Let's Go Celtics Chant Broke Out At End Of A Blowout Loss

The Boston Celtics looked old, tired and pretty much hopeless as LeBron James and the Miami Heat nearly ran them out of their own building on Thursday night in Game 6 of the Eastern Coference Finals. Quite a few fans at the Garden stuck around to show they were still holding out hope for an NBA Finals run, however -- and decided to voice support in spectacular fashion during the waning moments of the blowout loss.

The loyal fans went with an amazing "Let's Go Celtics" chant for the final few minutes of the game, which under normal circumstances wouldn't be any thing worth writing home about. When the scoreboard's margin is 20 points in the wrong direction, however ... well, it just seemed sort of special.

That video is probably why Kevin Garnett was so (expletiving) pleased with the fans in Boston when interviewed earlier this week, huh?

Good job, good effort, Celtics fans!

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