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VIDEO: Xavier Silas' Nasty Summer League Injury

76ers guard Xavier Silas suffered a nightmare of an injury on Friday during an NBA summer league game in Orlando, and reportedly had to be transferred to a hospital after the fall. Video of the injury has emerged, and it's actually not quite as ugly as it sounds.

It looks like incidental, run-of-the-mill contact on the rebound, but early reports from Orlando said that Silas may have suffered a fractured skull on the play, which... Yeah, that sounds about as terrifying as basketball injury can get. His condition's currently unknown.

Any injury would be a setback for a young player like Silas looking to prove himself this summer, but if the injury's as serious as "fractured skull" sounds, we could be talking about something much worse. For now, we'll wait to see what happens, and hope for the best.

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