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Suns Use Amnesty Clause On Josh Childress

The Phoenix Suns are undergoing a massive roster renovation in the 2012 NBA free agency period, trading franchise player Steve Nash to the Lakers and claiming Luis Scola off amnesty waivers from the Rockets. Now, Phoenix has cut ties with another player of some distinction, Josh Childress, using its amnesty clause on the swingman to wipe him from the books.

Childress came to Phoenix in a sign-and-trade with the Atlanta Hawks in 2010 that resulted in him getting a five-year, $33.5 million contract from the Suns. After giving Childress $13.5 million of that while he made just three starts in the last two years, Phoenix will pay the rest of his salary while removing him from their salary cap obligations for the next three seasons.

Childress has averaged 9.5 points per game in his NBA career, but put up just 4.2 points per contest in Phoenix.

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