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Kobe Won't Let Anyone Forget USA Won Olympic Gold

Kobe Bryant doesn't like people to forget that he wins championships, even if those people are his teammates. A Los Angeles Times article reveals that Kobe has apparently spent a decent amount of the last four years making sure Pau Gasol doesn't forget that in 2008, Bryant's USA team handled Gasol's Spain team, and plans on repeating.

Any time Gasol interacted with his Spanish teammates after a Lakers’ game, Bryant interrupted the conversation to remind them that Team USA would defend its gold medal.


Pau Gasol probably hates playing with Kobe Bryant, but we knew that already. I can't stop picturing Gasol simply trying to catch up with his brother and fellow '08 Olympian Marc while Kobe stands there, gold medal on his neck, preventing either one from getting a word in edgewise.

The article also provides the info that Kobe repeatedly brings up a four-point play he had in the gold medal game. Pau believes his Spanish team will win, but he probably wants to win less than he wants to avoid four more years of Kobe's incessant ribbing.