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Jeremy Lin Headline Puns!

Now that Jeremy Lin is reportedly headed to the Houston Rockets, we're about to be faced with a bevy of pun headlines announcing the move. It will be a flurry of awful and forced punnery, the likes of which we haven't since in -- oh man -- days at least. Below the jump, we proudly present some of the fantastic (read: so, so awful) headlines that you may very well be seeing at a newspaper kiosk near you. (They still have those, right?)

Here are some of the many headlines that we just assume are coming at any moment:

- Lindependence Day! Out-Of-This-World Rockets Say To Point Guard, "Welcome To Earth!" --

- Knicks No Longer Linterested: Jeremy Lin To Houston -- FOX Sports

- Knicks Don't Call Bluff, Rockets Go All-Lin -- NBC Sports

- BalLIN'! -- SLAM Magazine

- Linter Is Going! Jeremy Lin To The Rockets Following Real-Life Game Of Thrones -- CBS Sports (Written by an intern who has only heard about Game of Thrones second-hand and doesn't get HBO.)

- Houston Fits Jeremy Lin With A 10-GalLIN Hat -- El Paso Bugle

- Knicks' Forward Progress Remains Lintermittent -- The Buffalo Pragmatist

- What's For Lunch? Lin-til Soup! (Or Should We Say ... Lin-til Hoop??)-- Austin Vegan Sportsman Daily

- The LINtercontinental Railroad! -- San Antonio Times-Picayune, notoriously awful at both geography and American history.

- Deep Lin The Heart Of Texas! -- literally every news organization

For all news regarding the Houston Rockets, please check Lin with The Dream Shake or stop by SB Nation Houston. To Linvestigate the New York Knicks, head on over to Posting and Toasting or follow this LINk to SB Nation New York.