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Net Cords: Team USA Basketball Faces Stiff Olympic Competition

OK, "stiff" might be a bit of an overstatement. Regardless of a few top players staying home with injuries and "injuries" that will keep them home this summer, Team USA will still be the favorite to crush all comers in the 2012 Summer Olympics. But, there is more talent out there than ever, and it's always good to know your enemy.

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2012 Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament: Who, If Anybody, Presents a Threat to Team USA? - Welcome to Loud City
I know that everyone's busy with their Summer plans right now, and not everyone has time to sit in front of the computer in the morning and the early afternoon to watch the Dominican Republic take on Venezuela in some awesome basketball action. But, three Olympic spots are still available, to be decided by a tournament held today through Sunday. The action will be intense, with a handful of deserving basketball teams destined to get left out.

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