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LeBron James Is Blowing Up

Now that everyone's favorite clownfraud LeBron James has finally won an NBA championship, it's time for the next logical step: having a BYU student make a life-sized balloon sculpture of the NBA Finals MVP and Miami Heat superstar.

BYU student Joel Zae took six hours out of his life to film himself making a giant balloon-animal LeBron. Admittedly, it kind of looks more like a "Futurama" version of LeBron and may have a slight chance of inducing night terrors, but it's still impressive. Zae was also super-generous with King James' hairline, but those are the sort of residual perks you get when you finally win a ring. The time-lapse video of the sculpture itself comes to us courtesy of Eric Goldschein of Sportsgrid. If you watch one balloon sculpture video today, you should probably let it be this.

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