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2012 NBA Summer League: All-Veteran Team

Scott Schroeder unveils his top players already on NBA rosters at Summer League.


LAS VEGAS -- The NBA Summer League season officially wrapped on Sunday evening with a game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves, effectively ending the 10 days yours truly spent under the fluorescent lights at the lovely Thomas & Mack Center facilities.

There were plenty of great stories to tell -- some of which have already been published, some of which will continue to come throughout the week (even after 10 days, it seems there's never enough time in Vegas) -- but for now it seems like a safe bet that everyone wants to know who was good, who was bad and who was surprising.

We're here for you, too, starting this series off with the best players already on an NBA roster. Later this morning, we'll have the best rookies. On Tuesday, we'll have the best free agents and biggest disappointments.

Here's the all-NBA player team.

Point Guard: Charles Jenkins, Golden State Warriors -- The second-year pro didn't produce outstanding numbers with averages of 14.2 points and 2.8 assists through the Warriors' five Summer League games, but he shot an efficient 51 percent from the field and did a pretty solid job of making sure Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson were in positions on the court at which they could succeed. More than that, though, he played all five games for the Warriors as they finished their Summer League schedule as the only undefeated squad. (Honorable Mention: Kemba Walker, Norris Cole, Cory Joseph and Dominique Jones)

Shooting Guard: Josh Selby, Memphis Grizzlies -- Selby was given the ball and told to score, apparently, as the Grizzlies ran their offense around the second-year guard. It worked. Not only did he average 24.2 points per game while shooting a blistering 64.3 percent from beyond the arc -- on a lot of attempts, mind you -- but it was simply incredible to watch him make tough shot after tougher shot as he settled further into his groove. There were few shots that seem translatable to his role during the regular season (aside from some three-pointers he hit in transition), but his confidence has to be at an all-time high coming off of his Summer League performance. (Honorable Mention: Klay Thompson, Wesley Johnson)

Small Forward: Tobias Harris, Milwaukee Bucks -- Harris honestly looked like a man among boys during the majority of his Summer League performances as he averaged 20.8 points and seven rebounds through five games for the Bucks. That's a tough feat, too, considering he was actually usually a boy among men after only turning 20 last week. The Bucks might have an unheralded secret weapon during the regular season if his play in Vegas translates to next season. (Honorable Mention: Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard and Derrick Williams)

Power Forward: Markieff Morris, Phoenix Suns -- Morris played pretty well with the Phoenix Suns during his rookie season (especially when compared to his brother) so it probably shouldn't have been too surprising to see him play well in Vegas. He was absolutely dominant at times, though -- and even looked pretty good when he was bad -- on his way to averages of 19.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and two blocks per game. (Honorable Mention: Ed Davis, Samardo Samuels, Tristan Thompson and Chris Singleton)

Center: Byron Mullens, Charlotte Bobcats -- Mullens was given this spot almost by default considering the dearth of experienced centers playing in Vegas this past week, but the big man formerly known as B.J. made the most of his time in Sin City ... or at least his one game of 33 points, eight rebounds and three three-pointers made it seem that way. He was 'bad' to 'decent' the rest of the way with averages of 15.4 points and 5.8 rebounds to go with a sub-40 shooting percentage, but we'll always have the Summer League game where Mullens channeled his inner-Kevin Love. (Honorable Mention: Bismack Biyombo, Dexter Pittman)

The players above are expected to play well considering they played last season in the NBA while the majority of the rosters spent last season either in college, the NBA Development League or overseas, but it's still nice to give credit where credit is due (or when Mullens is gifted a spot because he made some thees).

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