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Derrick Rose Injury Could Keep Bulls' Star Out Until March, According To Report

Derrick Rose's torn ACL is expected to be an 8-12 month recovery, and according to the latest reports, it could be closer to 12 months than eight. In a long story on the state of the Bulls' finances, Chicago Tribune reporter K.C. Johnson writes that it looks like Rose's return to the court won't take place until March.

With Rose out until likely March, next season is a treading-water season. So instead of depth being the secondary star, the Bulls hope to add a legitimate one alongside Rose.

It's probably still too early to nail down Rose's injury timeline for sure, but if he is out until March, it will mean that his recovery will take between 10 and 11 months. The Bulls, as Johnson has noted, have let several key reserves go, replacing them with cheaper alternatives such as Vladimir Radmanovic, Kirk Hinrich and Nazr Mohammed. Johnson suggests that this could be happening because the Bulls are looking to create salary-cap space in a couple years to upgrade the roster when Rose is truly healthy.

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