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Lakers To Run Princeton Offense, Kobe Bryant Seemingly Decides

The Los Angeles Lakers window is closing if they're going to win a championship with a backcourt featuring Kobe Bryant and recent signee Steve Nash. The Lakers coaching staff (and Kobe, of course) apparently realizes this and has taken steps to revamp the offense in hopes of earning one more shot at an NBA title.

Changing the offense isn't exactly news as plenty of NBA teams opt to make subtle changes based on their personnel, but Bryant and the Lakers went to great lengths to hire Eddie Jordan as an assistant so Los Angeles could correctly play in the famed Princeton offense next season.

Well, actually -- according to an excellent report from Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarwoski -- it was mostly Kobe deciding to change the way the Lakers will play next season.

Kobe Bryant has been searching for spacing and freedom and flow on offense, for a way to counter defenses bent on sagging and suffocating him on the floor. Even before the Los Angeles Lakers delivered him point guard Steve Nash, Bryant had raised an idea with coach Mike Brown about the possibility of employing a distant cousin to the triangle - the Princeton offense.

The Princeton offense offers quite a bit of freedom for a veteran-laden team so Bryant, Nash, Pau Gasol and the rest of the Lakers should do well cutting off the ball and maximizing their opportunities to score the basketball.

It's definitely an interesting move, though, considering that Jordan hasn't been able to find a lot of success in his previous stops ... and that head coach Mike Brown won't be running the offense of his choosing considering it seems that Bryant necessitated this change.

Whether or not it works for the Lakers remains to be seen, but it seems at least Bryant will be happy with the way his offense is being run this season.

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