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Knicks Plan To Match Jeremy Lin's Offer From Houston Rockets, According To Report

The New York Knicks agreed to terms with free agent point guard Jason Kidd on Thursday, but that doesn't mean they're giving up on Jeremy Lin. The Houston Rockets might want the Knicks to do that considering the offer they made to Lin on Thursday, but apparently Linsanity isn't going anywhere.

Quite a few people assumed the Knicks planned to match the offer, but the New York Post's Marc Berman quoted from a source confirming as much for his story on Friday morning.

"He's their guy," one NBA official debriefed on the Knicks' strategy said. "They'll match."

The Knicks officially will be presented the offer sheet Wednesday, the day the NBA's free-agency moratorium ends, and will have three days to match it. It should take them three minutes.

Matching the offer will push the Knicks further into the luxury tax during the third year of Lin's contract, but New York apparently believes his on-court abilities and the ability to contribute to off-court marketing strategies will help make up for the luxury tax bill ... and that will almost certainly be the case.

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