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Eric Gordon Will Be 'Disappointed' If Hornets Match Suns' Offer Sheet

Eric Gordon accepted a max four-year contract offer from the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, giving the New Orleans Hornets three days after the end of the moratorium period on July 11 to match the offer sheet. While the Hornets are expected to do so, Gordon is apparently unhappy with how the organization has negotiated with him this offseason.

"If (the Hornets) were interested, there wouldn't have been no tour, there wouldn't have been nothing," Gordon said. "There's been no negotiations. I was right there in Indiana. I haven't received no calls, to me personally, they've contacted my agent.

"As for now, I don't know what's going on. (If the Hornets match) as of right now, I'd be disappointed."

Gordon said that he would play in New Orleans, but he feels that the Hornets should have made a better offer than the four-year, $50 million deal they offered in January. He also said that he felt the Suns were "the right franchise for me" after accepting the offer sheet. The Hornets reportedly haven't backed off their intentions to match the offer sheet, however.

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