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Glen Davis Guest Judges Iron Chef America, Eats Food On TV

Someone made a list of the NBA players most likely to be guest judges on Iron Chef America, and it was actually just this .GIF of Glen Davis doing a weird tongue thing. Somehow, this list got into the hands of an executive at the Food Network, and sure enough, Big Baby was in a judges' chair for Battle: Strip Steak last night wearing a very yellow shirt.

So, yeah, we .GIFfed it.


Burger: Look, Sauce, I don't have much time left. But you can still save yourself.

Sauce: No! I won't leave you here! i won't let you die alone!

Burger: There's nothing you can do to save me. He's going to eat me, and he's going to find me delicious. Jump. Jump while you still can.

Sauce: (drips) (watches its best friend be violently consumed by a large infantile basketball player) (cries)


There's nothing more frightening than the combo eyebrow raise and angry chew.


I have never seen any human emote the emotion Big Baby is emoting in this .GIF.

Other than that, it was pretty much everything you'd expect. Big Baby talked about what food he likes -- notably, not baby food -- and ate stuff. Bobby Flay pulled out the victory over his challenger. Good to see Davis is keeping himself in shape during the offseason... .GIF shape, that is.