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New Magic GM Rob Hennigan Didn't Run Dwight Howard Trade, According To Report

Finishing up a Dwight Howard trade -- any Dwight Howard trade -- was the first major decision on new Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan's plate upon being hired to replace Otis Smith this offseason. A Dwight Howard trade finally appears to be done, with the All-NBA center headed to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Magic scheduled to receive the incredibly light package of Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Moe Harkless, Nikola Vucevic and some picks.

Is that a massive ding on Hennigan's reputation? Perhaps it shouldn't be, as ESPN's John Hollinger reports that the new GM wasn't in the driver's seat on such a massive decision.

The non-basketball executives tend to get involved in the huge, impactful deals -- and not the smaller coin-flip risk-reward deals. Of course, in a perfect world, it'd be the opposite: you'd have the people paid to study basketball performance making the huge decisions because, you know, it's what you hired them to do.

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