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Andrew Bynum Says He's 'Leaning Towards' Staying With 76ers After This Season

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New Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum gave his introductory press conference to the media and to 76ers fans on Wednesday, and unlike many other players, he attacked his impending free agency head on when asked about it. Bynum, who has one year left on his contract, declared that he would probably like to stay with the 76ers for the long haul.

"To be honest man, my first experience here has been so great (that) I'm really leaning towards making this my home," Bynum said, via Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick.

After pausing to let the crowd cheer the statement, Bynum continued by saying he's "not a guy who tries to be all around and have a lot of teams on my belt."

Bynum could firmly commit to the 76ers by signing a contract extension now, but the most he could sign for is three years and $60 million. If he elects to wait until the offseason, he can sign a five-year deal for $100 million. It may make more sense, then, for Bynum to wait until he officially becomes a free agent before formally committing to the 76ers long term.

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