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Best Trade Ever: Around SB Nation With Our Favorite NBA Deals

The NBA blogs of SB Nation are looking at their teams' Best. Trade. Ever. From legends like Bill Russell to 20 year olds like Kyrie Irving, check out the trades that bloggers think were the best for their teams.

Was this a great trade for both teams?
Was this a great trade for both teams?

The NBA blogs of SB Nation have taken on another league-wide theme, and this week's Best. Trade. Ever. The fantastic NBA writers around the network are looking at the best trades in their respective franchises histories, and it's an NBA history lesson in itself.

Among the NBA legends being written about today you have Bill Russell, Elvin Hayes, and Alex English. There are also more recent heists being discussed, like the deal that landed Kyrie Irving for the Cavs.

Take some time and check out these terrific posts from around SB Nation, then join the conversation.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Portland Trail Blazers -- Maurice Lucas -- Blazer's Edge
Recounting the greatest trade the Portland Trail Blazers ever made, as voted on by readers of

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Boston Celtics -- Bill Russell -- CelticsBlog
Remember that time when Bill Russell was traded for the Ice Capades? Wait, what?

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Los Angeles Clippers -- Sam Cassell -- Clips Nation
The 2005 trade that brought Sam Cassell to L.A. for Marko Jaric is the Best. Trade. Ever. for the Clippers -- because it brought both Cassell and a draft pick that was a major bargaining chip in the Chris Paul trade six seasons later.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Los Angeles Clippers -- Chris Paul -- Clips Nation
Hey, hold it right there. Chris Paul to the Clips. Best. Trade. Ever.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Dallas Mavericks -- Dirk Nowitzki (and more!) -- Mavs Moneyball
The Countdown for the Top Five Trades in Dallas Mavericks History concludes with Trade #1, and you can probably guess what it is.

Best.Trade. Ever. -- Sacramento Kings -- Chris Webber -- Sactown Royalty
The best trade in Sacramento Kings history is an easy, easy call.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Sacramento Kings -- John Salmons -- Sactown Royalty
Was re-acquiring John Salmons secretly the best trade in Kings history? Probably not, but let's pretend it was for a moment.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Toronto Raptors -- Antonio Davis -- Raptors HQ
Over the course of their 18-year history, the Toronto Raptors haven't made many--or any for that matter--earth shattering trades. However, as the HQ's Scott Campsall argues, the trade that landed them Antonio Davis may be the team's most significant.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Toronto Raptors -- Vince Carter -- Raptors HQ
RaptorsHQ revisits the franchise's best trade ever, proposing another option; the trade of Antawn Jamison for Vince Carter.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- San Antonio Spurs -- Kawhi Leonard -- Pounding The Rock
Was the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard the best trade ever by the Spurs during the championship era?

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Washington Wizards -- Elvin Hayes -- Bullets Forever
What's the best trade in the entire history of the Washington Wizards? Bullets Forever's pick is Jack Marin (who?) for Elvin Hayes.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Detroit Pistons -- Four Choices -- Detroit Bad Boys
What's the best trade the Detroit Pistons have ever made? Vote in our poll and make your case in the comments.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Houston Rockets -- Clyde Drexler -- The Dream Shake
What is the Rockets best trade ever? Read to find out!

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Cleveland Cavaliers -- Kyrie Irving -- Fear The Sword
What was the best trade in Cleveland Cavaliers history? Read to find out.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Denver Nuggets -- Alex English -- Denver Stiffs
It's time for another SB Nation wide post. This time the NBA blogs here on SBN will be posting about their team's best trade ever. Andrew, Jeff, and I weighed in below ...

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Memphis Grizzlies -- Gasol-for-Gasol -- Straight Outta Vancouver
The best trade in Grizzlies history also happens to be referred to as the worst trade in the history of the NBA.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Atlanta Hawks -- Two Great Trades -- Peachtree Hoops
Peachtree Hoops joins the rest of SB Nation NBA by looking at the Atlanta Hawks' best trade(s) ever -- two deals that helped build a successful successor to the Dominique Wilkins teams of the late 80's and early 90's

Best. Trade. Ever. -- New York Knicks -- Every. Trade. Ever. -- Posting and Toasting
A different approach from Seth at Posting and Toasting.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Utah Jazz -- Jeff Hornacek -- SLC Dunk
Part 1 of a 2 part series -- Feelin' a little Horny.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Utah Jazz -- Deron Williams -- SLC Dunk
Part 2 of the series -- Where there is D-Will there is D-Way

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Charlotte Bobcats -- It's a Vote -- Rufus on Fire
What is the Charlotte Bobcats' best trade ever? Their existence is short, but they've certainly had their share of deals. Which do you think is best?

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Minnesota Timberwolves -- The Summer of Sam and Spree -- Canis Hoopus
Canis Hoopus couldn't decide between two trades the same summer, so they went with both.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Los Angeles Lakers -- Kobe Bryant -- Silver Screen and Roll
The Los Angeles Lakers trade history is rife with examples of amazing trades. How do you narrow it down to just one?

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Phoenix Suns -- Charles Barkley -- Bright Side Of The Sun
Sir Charles goes to the Valley of the Sun.

Worst. Trade. Ever. -- Philadelphia 76ers -- Sharone Wright -- Liberty Ballers
Instead of the best trade ever, here's the Sharone Wright story.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Golden State Warriors -- Baron Davis -- Golden State Of Mind
Trading Years Of Misery For Baron Davis.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Chicago Bulls -- Eddy Curry -- Blog a Bull
Getting Scottie Pippen on draft night is pretty good, but the Eddy Curry trade showed the Bulls absolutely ripping off the desperate Knicks in a major haul that spanned multiple seasons.

Best. Trade. Ever -- Indiana Pacers -- Jermaine O'Neal -- Indy Cornrows
The Indiana Pacers continue to reap the benefits from a trade 12 years ago when they sent Dale Davis to Portland for Jermaine O'Neal.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Milwaukee Bucks -- Oscar Robertson -- Brew Hoop
The acquisition of Oscar Robertson prior to the 70/71 season would propel the Milwaukee Bucks to their first NBA title and go down as the franchise's "best trade ever."

Best. Trade. Ever. -- New Jersey Nets -- Jason Kidd -- NetsDaily
We're in the non-active portion part of the offseason, so all the NBA sites are doing posts on the best trades in franchise history. For the Nets, that's Kidd for Marbury.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- New Orleans Hornets -- Stojakovic and Chandler -- At The Hive
At the Hive looks at two trades a couple days apart from July 2006.

Best. Trade. Ever. -- Oklahoma City Thunder -- Kendrick Perkins -- Welcome to Loud City
February 24, 2011 likely will go down as one of the biggest moments in the Thunder's albeit brief history, as for the first time the team's management decided to give up one of their building blocks to chase a veteran.