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Kendall Marshall On Love In The NBA And The Smarter 'Female Species'

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The NBA held its annual Rookie Transition Program this past weekend, where they educate rookies about things like A) not doing drugs and/or not going broke. It's enlightening stuff. But Suns rookie PG Kendall Marshall came away from the weekend with some lessons of his own.

From the Arizona Republic:

"The female species are a lot smarter than us so we have to realize maybe it's not always that we're the best-looking guy they've ever seen," Marshall said. "Maybe there is some incentive behind it. At the same time, there are great cases where guys have happy marriages. They've shown us both cases. We just have to be smart (and realize) that people don't always have our best interests in mind."

Three reactions:

  1. It's so great to have Kendall Marshall in the NBA, where beat writers will put a microphone in his face every single day.
  2. The "female species" IS a lot smarter than their male counterparts. Yeah yeah, technically we're all the same species, but don't let that distract you from the main point here. Females are wiser, cleaner, more responsible, and generally just better at not being stupid. Especially if the males we're talking about are in their mid-20s. There's nobody in the world more susceptible to being seduced and taken advantage of than single guys in their mid-20s. So K-Butter's point is well taken.
  3. It's just great to be having this conversation on a random Monday morning in August, which, well... Return to point no. 1.

(HT: Zach Lowe)