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Mikhail Prokhorov adds to his Greatest Hits

Because Mikhail Prokhorov quoting Oscar Wilde just brightens anyone's afternoon, doesn't it?

Mike Stobe - Getty Images

There are very few things you can count on in this world, but Mikhail Prokhorov interviews are one of them. When he opens his mouth, good things happen. Recently he sat down with Details Magazine for an interview. They covered a wide range of topics, and obviously it's a lot of fun.

We could provide context to these quotes, but context would only detract from the legend.

  • "I'm visible everywhere"
  • "I go to nightclubs occasionally, and there I like house and techno."
  • "I even competed in ice-rally competitions."
  • "I would answer with the words of Oscar Wilde: 'Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.'"
  • "My entire life I've always been No. 1, never No. 2. And I'm too old to change this now.
  • "I travel to Ibiza."
  • "I respect rap greatly."
  • "Whenever I'd take the subway, the air was always fresh up high."
  • "If I set my mind to something, I always achieve great heights."
  • "In 1995, I decided to stop driving altogether."
  • "The stronger the competition, the more interesting it is for me."
  • "I don't fit in hotel beds"
  • "The word miss is not part of my vocabulary."
  • "My affection for Deep Purple has nothing to do with Dmitry Medvedev."

Eventually Gatorade needs to record a "Be Like Mikhail" commercial, but until then, interviews like this will have to suffice as our blueprint for success in life. Read more at Details over here, and get Prokhorov's complete thoughts on everything from Kim Kardashian to Russian politics to the Nets' title chances.