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LeBron flushes halfcourt lob from Dwyane Wade

You know, I'm not sure how you defend this.

In this Heat-Warriors game that could make for more than one huge career benchmark -- he's already hit 5,000 career assists with a pass to Dwyane Wade for a dunk, and can get to 20,000 career points soon enough -- it's easy to take LeBron James' many talents for granted. Just the other day against the Jazz we saw him effortlessly switch between playing point guard on offense and center on defense.

But I don't think we can ever grow weary of alley-oop plays like this from LeBron. It's just amazing to see lobs from well beyond halfcourt and it comes perfectly in transition right in stride.

In fact, it's scary how much this has become just natural to see. And he recognizes it, too. At this point in his career, he's become a fear-inspiring playmaker as a scorer and passer, a decently strong three-point shooter, a low-post presence, and a guy who can play any position on offense or defense.

And he just happens to finish halfcourt alley-oops on a regular basis.