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New Orleans Pelicans logo: Delving into the alternate designs

A breakdown of the New Orleans Pelicans logo and its alternates released by the team Thursday.

The New Orleans franchise released its new branding umbrella as the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday, and with that, they released an explanation for their logo designs and team colors -- blue, red and gold.

The Pelican rename was already reported and well-discussed. They are birds that, after al little bit of research, were determined to be actually pretty frightening. It also represents the importance of city wildlife conservation in the city. However, the graphic below tells us a bit about the secondary logos.


At first glance, there's a deep bit of New Orleans' culture engrained in each of the logos.

From the text style to the colors, the redesign does add a bit to give the franchise more of a bayou feel. The popular fleur-de-lis icon that represents the city is included on four of the five logos and is said to represent the "heart and resolve" of the city.

The clever designers even molded a fierce-looking pelican into the fleur-de-lis, just as it was under the Hornets name.

New Orleans also gives us another history lesson with a couple Crescent City references, including a "Crescent City Basketball" logo and a NOLA logo.

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