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Pelicans logo reaction: Good or bad, New Orleans gets symbolic fresh start

We've compiled the opinions across the web after New Orleans revealed their Pelicans logos and team colors on Thursday.

The rebranding of the New Orleans Hornets to the New Orleans Pelicans has become a debate.

Across the board, people wondered why the project was a thing in the first place. The city had adopted the Hornets as they were, but a new era seemingly made it right.

At The Hive's Brian Ball looked past any opinion on the change regarding the aesthetics of it all. Overall, he writes that it's the final ushering in of the new. Ownership and managerial changes have gone with the product on the court as well. Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon are in and Chris Paul is long gone, though, that doesn't mean the former Hornets point guard isn't expressing his opinion on the whole deal.

Now, here is where the debate breaks off. Regardless of what any one person's understanding of a pelican might be, the logo could perhaps take some heat. That's fair to criticize.

Not everyone is being a hater, however. While the pelican is perhaps too intense, it's hard to argue that melding the bird with the Crescent City and NOLA nicknames, then with the fleur-de-lis symbol, isn't a pretty cool way to tie the team together with a city rich in culture.

In the end, the Pelicans have arrived. They're here to stay, and with that, we can assure you that there will be a good bit of pun-making and pelican humor in the near future.

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