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Video: Rajon Rondo's injury could have occurred in the 2nd half against the Hawks

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Rajon Rondo suffered an ACL injury on Friday during the Celtics loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Here is a look at the play where the injury could have occurred.


Rajon Rondo suffered a season ending knee injury in Friday's loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Its unclear exactly where the injury might have occurred. Rondo played 45 minutes in the double overtime loss and finished with a triple-double 16 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. He never came out of the game due to the injury and was still on the floor for the final play of the game.

Rondo attempted to warm up for Sunday's game but was still bothered by the knee. He was then declared out of the game and sent for an MRI exam.

Here is a closer look at when Rondo's injury could have occurred:


Rondo comes up limping on this play after dumping the ball off on a drive. He limps on it while heading back down court. There is also video where Rondo lands awkwardly after a jump shot in the second overtime. Its possible that he could have suffered the injury earlier and then aggravated it in the second overtime.