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Doc Rivers hugs Rajon Rondo after Boston point guard tears ACL

This is super, super sad you guys.

via Reddit

There is not a small number of fans who dislike the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo. However, for one of the NBA's ultimate characters, both in his attitude and the way he played ball, having the season end in January due to a torn ACL is something no one wanted to see happen.

No one is more of a players coach than Doc Rivers, and you can see the bond player and coach had after the Celtics beat the Heat earlier Sunday. Rondo rejoined the team during the second half after an MRI he took in the first half revealed the injury.

That's a lot of emotion in that screencap, more than we're used to seeing from the typically aloof Rondo. On the other hand, he's never suffered an injury like this, and few teams are more closely knit — and teetering on the edge of being blown up — than the Celtics. Any tear in the fiber, if you'll pardon the phrase, hurts like a bitch to these guys.

Sad as this is, and as annoying as the Celtics can be at times, they're also a beacon of what is good about pro sports: grown men loving each other.