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Barack Obama to LeBron James: 'It's your world, man'

LeBron James and the Heat visited the White House Monday, and when LeBron needed a little bit of encouragement, President Obama was there to give him a reality check.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Less than 48 hours after LeBron won everyone over with his hug/tackle on Saturday night, here he is soaking in the moment with President Obama.

Quick transcript:

LeBron: "Am I supposed to say something?"

Obama: "You can if you want!"

LeBron: "Ummm..."

Obama: "It's your world, man."

LeBron: "On behalf of myself and my teammates, we just wanted to thank you. To piggyback on what Spo said, for the hospitality, for allowing us to be in the White House. I mean, we in the White House. I mean, and Coach said--Prez said it's real casual, so I mean, we kids from Chicago, and Dallas, Texas, and Michigan and Ohio, and...

Mike Miller: "South Dakota."

LeBron: "South Dakota! Miami... And we in the White House right now. This is like, hey, Mama I made it."

... And that's about as good as acceptance speeches get. I don't know how we went from LeBron The Most Loathed Athlete In Sports to the LeBron we have now, but here we are. We went from an athlete that was pretty much impossible to defend to the guy you can't help but love at the White House today. It's still pretty surreal.

But wait wait wait. Don't let all that distract you here.

Because who's REALLY running the world?

The truth's hidin' in plain sight.


Just some food for thought, sheeple.

It's up to you to eat.