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Stephen Jackson injury: Waitress taking Mayor Bloomberg's order causes sprained ankle

Stephen Jackson sustained a sprained ankle on Thursday, but how he did it is noteworthy.

Stacy Revere

It's not often that we get such a perfect sequence of events leading to a fluke injury, but here we are. The here is in New York, for a matchup between the Knicks and Spurs. The what is Stephen Jackson's leg. The how ... well, the how is the amazing part.

Stephen Jackson injured his leg tripping over a waitress who was taking New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's order. No, seriously. Let's watch!

Jackson took a shot and was drifting backwards. As he was, a waitress was taking Mayor Bloomberg's order. The freak set of circumstances aligned, Jackson went down and the resulting injury was diagnosed as a sprained right ankle.

Really, you could not script a weirder injury. It wasn't just any waitress taking anyone's order. It was a waitress taking the Mayor of New York's order.

Also, let's think back to the last few days. Obviously there's Jackson's injury: both freak and kind of hilarious. Then there's Fab Melo's injury -- he sustained a concussion while running into a door. I don't know about these NBA players, man.