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Tayshaun Prince fan, unaware of trade, waits for a Prince who won't arrive

This is the heartbreaking public sadness of a fan discovering his favorite player has been traded.

My heart shatters into thousands of pieces watching this gif. Oh, the waiting. It's so painful. The nameless Tayshaun Prince fan waits and waits for the player who won't arrive. Of course, Prince was a part of the three-team deal sending Rudy Gay from Memphis to Toronto.


But this poor fan has no clue. And for goodness' sake, how many dedicated Tayshaun Prince fans are out there anyway? This was an away game for Detroit, by the way. He ventured in as a brave visiting fan to sit next to the tunnel, and his favorite player isn't even there. And, no less, he's cheering for the last remaining Piston from that 2004 championship team, as they take on the Pacers in what used to be a huge rivalry game.

The team trots out through the tunnel to warm up, but Prince is not among them. The fan is confused. He leans over the railing to peer into the catacombs of the arena. Perhaps Tayshaun's just getting some more stretching in first. Maybe he's chatting with someone. But no, he's not there either. "What's the deal?" the fan wonders, resigning to simply shrug with his hands. And so the fan hops on his phone and finds out the bad news.

He's so crushed, he takes off his Tayshaun Prince jersey in front of everyone.

Oh, we know the world of sports is a harsh one. It's a business, after all. But the constant reminders never seem to make it much easier on the heart. Alas.

Hat tip to Guyism