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Zach Randolph is having a historically weird night

Zero points, nine missed shots ... and on pace for a history-making night!


Zach Randolph certainly didn't intend to do so, but he's on pace to get his name written into the record books.

It's halftime between the Thunder and the Grizzlies, and Memphis is struggling mightily in their first game post-Rudy Gay and pre-Tayshaun Prince. Oklahoma City running through Memphis' defense with little opposition hurts, but Zach Randolph's 0-for-9 shooting doesn't help.

However, he does have 12 rebounds!

Were the game to end right now, he'd put his name up there with Rasheed Wallace, Dale Davis and Kenny Carr in having the only games with at least 9 shot attempts, 12 rebounds or more and zero points. But if he misses any more shots, he'll stand alone atop these greats with most missed shots.