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Nick Collison fakes the pass to drive for a big dunk over Zach Randolph

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Nick Collison fools Darrell Arthur into giving him nothing but air between him and a jam on Z-Bo.

Nick Collison may not exactly be the kind of player you'd imagine to drive through the lane for a big slam. But, as Darrell Arthur would find out, if you pay his mobility no mind to preemptively cover another player, he'll make you look silly.

Arthur completely bit on the fake pass, leaving Collison a wide open lane through which he had plenty of room to make a dribble and rise for a jam over Zach Randolph.

When Byron Mullens gets back from his ankle injury, hopefully we'll have a dunk-off between these two the next time they play the Bobcats. Just kidding, the Bobcats won't get a dunk off against the Thunder.

Hat tip to Royce Young.