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Russell Westbrook throws tantrum, storms off to team locker room after turnover

After being called for a turnover, the volatile Thunder guard angrily ran to the locker room before cooling down.

Despite this game pretty much never being in question for the Thunder, Russell Westbrook got pretty miffed. Up 25, Russell Westbrook decided to start working on Jerryd Bayless in the post, but was called for a five-second violation.

Westbrook yelled at Thabo Sefolosha for cutting through the lane and bringing a second defender, which helped force Westbrook into the turnover.

He apparently got so heated he threw a tantrum while sitting next to assistant coach Mo Cheeks before storming off for a brief stay in the locker room before returning.


Oh, that poor kid. That definitely was not the time to offer Russell Westbrook a high-five.

Life's hard when you're blowing out teams, I guess. I wouldn't know, I'm a Bobcats fan.