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VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony waits for Kevin Garnett at Celtics' team bus

During an in-game scuffle, Carmelo Anthony told Kevin Garnett he'd see him after the game. He wasn't kidding.

Bruce Bennett

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got into it during the fourth quarter of the Boston Celtics' grindtastic win over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Monday. 'Melo reportedly told KG he'd see him after the game. He sure followed through on that one.

ESPN New York reports that 'Melo stood outside the visiting locker room at MSG screaming for KG to come out. ESPN also reports that there was a confrontation between 'Melo and KG outside the Celtics' team bus, but that they did not come to blows.

Here's video from Comcast SportsNet New England showing 'Melo staking out the Celtics' bus while a) wearing a scarf and b) being surrounded by security and cops. You can even see Doc Rivers preparing to board in the background.

There is almost no question that 'Melo will be suspended at least a game. The NBA does not take vigilante justice kindly. DeMarcus Cousins was suspended two games earlier this season for approaching Spurs TV analyst Sean Elliott after a game.