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Kings sale: Players, fans react to impending Seattle move

The Kings are reportedly finishing up an impending move to Seattle, leaving those involved to display their reactions to the world on Twitter.


After years of failed negotiations, chaotic events, mediocre basketball and a general lack of progress, it appears the saga of the Sacramento Kings finally has a conclusion: They're going to Seattle.

For those in Sacramento, this is understandably a sad day, one that sees a mind-numbingly frustrating situation end in arguably the worst way possible. Our writer over at Sactown Royalty could hardly respond this afternoon, kicking off his post, "As I write this, my hands are shaking," as if to remind you that these events really do impact actual people in very meaningful ways.

Kings players were similarly shocked, even if the stakes are rather different for them. Pay checks will still be coming, basketball will still played, fans will still be cheering. But to wake up one morning and read on Twitter that your employer is selling his company to a group from another city that has relocation plans in mind, well, that's probably frustrating.

Most Kings players have avoided responding through social media to the reports so far, presumably because this is an awful lot for a young guy to handle at once. The fact that both center DeMarcus Cousins and forward Jason Thompson couldn't say anything other than, "Wow," speaks to how overwhelming the situation might be.